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Resources for Advisory Board Members

        Project Status Follow this link for updated information about the status of our project and efforts towards reaching project milestones.

        Industry Report To identify the workforce computational skills needed by the engineering workforce, the CPACE research team conducted interviews with 28 small to large public and private employers across various industries within Michigan and surveyed 181 engineering employees working in these companies.

       Advisory Board Action Items: Please follow this link to find action items for the Advisory Board members. All the necessary instructions to complete a particular task will be included as well as the links to relevant documents. There is a project contact person associated with each task, please feel free to contact this person if you need clarification or have questions. Also if you have documents that are related to the task or if you prefer to add your comments in a word document or any other format you may use the drop box to place the document, follow the link to find detailed instructions about how to use the drop box.

         Employer Interview Consent Forms Follow this link to see a copy of the employer interview consent form.

        Questions?  Contact Claudia Vergara

Some pages on the CPACE site are restricted to project staff.  Links to those pages appear in RED and are not available for viewing.

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