Advisory Board Meeting Minutes April 24, 2008

CPACE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Date: April 24, 2008                           Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Location: Michigan State University,East Lansing MI

Participants listed by group:

CPACE Team Members:

Michigan State University (MSU): Daina Briedis, Neeraj Buch, Jon Sticklen, Mark Urban-Lurain, Claudia Vergara, Tom Wolff

Lansing Community College (LCC): Louise Paquette

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW): Cindee Dresen, Kysha Frazier, Lisa Katz, Jeannine La Prad

Science and Mathematics Program Improvement (SAMPI): Mark Jenness, Pete Vunovich

Consultant ABET: Dr. Joe Turner Professor Emeritus of Computer Science Clemson University

Advisory Board Members:

-         Benjamin H. Baker. Director, Chassis & PT Interface, GMNA Electrical

-         Thomas Crampton. Executive Dean. Mott Community College Regional Technology Initiatives

-         Mary Ann Dolehanty Supervisor Thermal Process Unit, Permit Section Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Air Quality Division

-         David Hollister President Prima Civitas Foundation

-         Chris Knapp Executive Director Capital Area Information Technology Council

-           Thomas Mathes Executive Director Product Development
Substituting for Mr. Mathes: Mr. Robert Washburn, Senior Research Electrical Engineer and Mrs. Jillian McDonald, Special Project Officer.

-         Michael McDonald Supply Chain Manager Global Propylene Oxide and Glycols North America Polyurethanes

-         James Millhench Chief Operating Officer Bordener Engineered Surfaces.
Accompanying Mr. Millhench: Mr Chris Surbrook

-         Garth Motschenbacher Director of Employer Relations College of Engineering / Career Services Network Michigan State University

-         John Polasek Chief Operations Officer Michigan Department of Transportation

-         Gary Woodrough Director of Engineering Symmetry Medical

MSU dignitaries:

-         Satish Udpa Dean of Engineering Michigan State University

-         Kim Wilcox Provost Michigan State University

The meeting followed the agenda. Below you will find a summary of important points.


  •         Process application: Sample identification. During our primary research meetings, we concluded that this would be better informed after the Ad Board meeting by leveraging the connections that they have. Specific examples are the use of associations/societies for employee surveys. Our conclusion is sustained by the AB meeting observations. To illustrate this point, the AB offered:

    -    To provide contacts from their organization and elsewhere

    -    Take a lead role in talking to professional organizations

    -    Formally introduce the project and personally and fully endorse it

    -    When ready to send the surveys/interviews provide support in the way of informing/asking their staff to be aware of the surveys.

    -    Access to relevant data/information that their companies already have.

    -    AB members accountability to help deliver the end result.

  • AB ideas/suggestions:

    -    Sample identification:

1)     AB members participate on engagement committees which gives them access to potential targets. They offer to share travel schedule.

2)     Alternatively, we should also consider having a protocol that somebody else could use (i.e. AB member). Set of speaking points for the Ad Board members.

3)     Have a project presence at the placement advisory group for MSU (May 19-21 in DearbornMI). We could probably set up 10 key organizations. Perhaps to pilot interviews.

    -    Engagement:

1)     Offer to provide the results of the surveys to the people involved that would make them want to participate.

2)     Have a press strategy

    -    Instruments:

1)     To use students perspectives based on experiences they gathered through internships to help understand immediate needs

2)     Post graduation surveys 1, 2, 4 years after graduation

3)     For the interviews offer a lunch setting as a possibility.

4)     Managers and directors would need information about the interviews to ask their individual managers that have engs working for them to gather appropriate information before the interview.

    -    Organizations suggested:

1)     Mid-MI human resources association

2)     MI works

3)     American Council of Engineering Companies

4)     MI infrastructure groups, MI municipal, concrete organizations, contracting organizations, public sector organizations.

    -    Additional points:

1)     Competitiveness against other geographies, what would keep jobs here as far as technical and computer related skills? What would be needed to interact with other geographies?

2)     The project needs to be able to change and evolve if necessary (determined by constituents responses).

Action Items:

Advisory Board: It was decided that the Advisory Board members would look at the employer interview and employee survey protocols and offer suggestions and comments.

CPACE project members: Organize access to the WIKI for the Ad Board members.


Next meeting September, 2008. The exact date will be announced.