Role of external evaluation


A CollaborationProcess to AlignComputerEducation and Engineering Workforce Needs

Michigan State University, LansingCommunity College, and the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW)


Prepared by the C-PACE External Evaluation Team

Science and Mathematics Program Improvement (SAMPI)---WesternMichiganUniversity

The external evaluation required by NSF will be a collaborative effort between the project management team, key stakeholders, and external evaluators. 

The purposes of the evaluation will be to:

1.  Determine progress toward project goals, including external assessment of the program model

2.  Document project activities, processes, and products

3.  Provide evaluative information/ideas to the project team for planning and project improvement

The evaluation will be framed by the following key evaluation questions:

A.  What has been the nature, extent, and effectiveness of the collaborative approach used in carrying out this planning grant? What are its strengths and limitations?

B.  Do final curriculum plans reflect project objectives and anticipated outcomes for the various stakeholders---higher education institutions, faculty, students, business community, and professional organizations?

C.  Have products, including implementation grant proposal, been prepared as intended?

Evaluators will actively participate in management team and other project activities.  Data will be gathered as appropriate from management team members and other key stakeholders over the course of the project.  A final evaluation report addressing key evaluation questions will be prepared.  Evaluators will contribute as appropriate to the development of the transformation proposal for full implementation.

The external evaluation will be conducted by Science and Mathematics Program Improvement (SAMPI), WesternMichiganUniversity.  Dr. Mark Jenness will serve as lead evaluator, with assistance from Mr. Pete Vunovich and SAMPI support staff.  For more information about the external evaluation, contact Mark Jenness at 269-387-3791 or       10-08