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Milestone   Who
New Grant Proposal submission
  Project Staff
April 2009
The new proposal to NSF was sent on April 28. Our goal for this new project is to redesign the role of computing within the engineering programs at MSU and LCC to develop CT competencies - informed by industry needs - by infusing Computational Thinking learning opportunities.
Thank you to the AB members for the letters of support.
Industry Report
  Project staff April 2009
The industry report was completed and sent to the AB members. It can be downloaded following the link.
Industry Report   Project staff March, 2009 We have completed the employer interviews.
We have received almost 200 employee survey responses to date (more are still coming in.)
We are analyzing the interviews and surveys for preparation of the report. 
Interview and Survey   Project staff Nov 08- Jan 09
We are finishing the last set of employer interviews and completing the employee surveys.
NSF Meeting
  Mark and Jon
Nov 13, 14 2008
Principal Investigators meeting at NSF headquarters Washington.
Advisory Board meeting
  Project Staff
Advisory board
October 30, 2008
Thanks to the AB members. We had a great meeting and important feed back. Please follow the links to find complete meeting summary including results and materials used during the meeting.
Interview and Survey
  Project staff
July- Nov 2008
The revised interview protocol will be used for the next step which is to engage engineering and technology stakeholders in the region to conduct interviews and to connect with employees for surveys.
Pilot interview and survey instruments   Project Staff/AB members
May- July 2008
  • Completed the pilot part of our employer interview process.
  • Excellent response from our advisory board members who facilitated the pilot interview process by allowing us to interview them.
  • The data that we have obtained from the pilot process has helped us refine the interview protocol and also inform the development of the employee survey.
  • The advisory board members have provided us with an extended list of employers and members of professional engineering societies for further engagement.
Institutional Review Board (IRB) process:   Project Staff
May 15, 2008
At MSU, all human subject research must be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to protect the rights and safety of the participants before research can begin.
The IRB has been approved our research proposal as exempt because it entails no risk for the participants.  We may now begin pilot testing our interview and survey protocols.
Review Interview and Survey protocols   Advisory Board May 8, 2008
Thank you to our Advisory Board members
Advisory Board Meeting   Project Staff
Advisory board
April 24, 2008
  • Great turnout and terrific feedback from our Advisory Board members. Thank you! * Materials, minutes, etc for the meeting here.