AB meeting September-October sign-up scheule

lease add your availability in these dates. We will use this table to decide the best date to hold the AB meeting. The days area Tuesday and Thursday and the time is morning (10) and extending to lunch.

Dates Availability Comments
Thu 2 Claudia, Neeraj, Mark, Daina, Tom (as of now **), Jon
Cindee on vacation; Daina has class on Thursdays at 12:40
Tue 7 Claudia, Mark, Daina, Tom
Cindee on vacation; Jon out on ABET visit
Thu 9
Claudia, Neeraj, Mark, Louise, Jon Daina class at 12:40. Tom - AES Board meeting.
Tue 14 Claudia, Mark (see comment), Cindee, Kysha, Jeannine 
EEES SI meeting; College of Engineering Brown Bag on CF and SI (includes Daina, Neeraj, Jon specifically)
Thu 16 Claudia, Cindee, Kysha, Tom, Jeannine, Jon, Louise.
Mark out of town; Daina class at 12:40. College of Engineering Faculty meeting at 3:00.
Tue 21 Claudia, Mark, Tom
All CSW staff not able to attend, Jon out for FIE
Thu 23
Claudia, Mark & Jon @ FIE, all CSW staff not able to attend; Daina out of town 
Tue 28
Claudia Mark (see comment), Cindee, Kysha, Jeannine, Jon, Neeraj
EEES leader meeting scheduled 9:30 - 10:30 (see comment). Tom may be on jury duty
Thu 30
Claudia, Cindee, Kysha, Jeannine, Neeraj. Louise.
Daina class at 12:40, Tom may be on jury duty, Jon at Purdue at a sister STEP workshop.  Mark has CIRTL meeting.