Evaluation discussion for August 7, 2008 meeting

From Mark Jenness, August 6, 2008

Mark:  Would you intend that we produce some kind of evaluation report (progress to date) as a result of what will have been learned through this fall?  We can, of course, draw on all the existing materials on the web as well as our observations and copies of materials produced.

One activity I would suggest is that at an upcoming meeting, we do a "lessons learned" session, in which we would facilitate a discussion of what has been accomplished and what has been learned so far about this effort.  We could then incorporate that into our reporting and the information can be used by the project as you move forward.

Another alternative would be to do telephone debriefing interviews with the management team members and compile that information, getting their insights in  to accomplishments, challenges, lessons learned.

Let me know what you think might work best.