Integration of engineering workforce skill-set and computing principles

The following table shows the seven 'Great Principles of Computing' identified by Peter Denning. We are using these principles to categorize the skills identified by employers (employer interviews) and engineers (employee surveys).

What processes, natural and artificial, are computational, what they can and cannot do, and how we cope with inherent and pervasive computational complexity.
Communication Transmission of data with reliable reception.
Coordination How autonomous entities work together toward a common result.
Recollection How computations store and recall information, and how data layout in the storage system affects their performance.
Automation Finding efficient computational ways to perform human tasks.
Evaluation Modeling, simulation, experiment, and statistical analysis of data.
Design Planning and building correct, fast, fault tolerant and fit software systems.

The following table has the skills identified by the employers and employees categorized under one of the principles. This table needs to be reviewed and completed. Please follow the links to access the summary of the computational data from the employer interviews and the employee surveys.

Skill Set
Computation Programming, Calculation tools, modeling software, simulation software, excel, visualization software CAD software, mathematical analysis software
Communication Data management, project management, software collaboration tools
Coordination Distributed Control System- (interface between the human and the process), Workflow management, project management
Recollection Data management
Automation Calculation tools, modeling software, simulation software, Mold flow analysis, PLC (Program Logic Controller), Machining Software,
Evaluation Mold flow analysis, modeling software, simulation software
Design Verifying correctness of computed results

Please follow the link to the ideas for curricular integration. In this table you can add the software (from the employer interviews and employee surveys, linked above) that you consider can be used in the courses. 

Edward Olsen,
May 7, 2012, 12:02 PM