Computation in Engineering- internal document computer science

Computation in Engineering

 Computational thinking and computers are part of all modern science and engineering---both in applications and research.  They should also be pervasive throughout all levels of engineering education.

Computation in Engineering

-        Modeling and simulation of complex systems

-        Solving complex equations
that are too difficult or complex to do without computers
(including both symbolic and numerical solutions)

-        Data acquisition:
collecting data directly into a computer; facilitating use and analysis of 'real' data

-        Data analysis
of a level of complexity not possible without computational help
(including visualization)

-        Problem solving

Related Concepts

-        Estimation - are your computed results reasonable?

-        Numerical methods - obtaining approximate solutions while maintaining reasonable bounds on errors.

-        Programming - whether Python, MatLab or C++

-        Stability and Efficiency - a computational 'solution' which is unstable or takes 'infinite' time or space is worthless