Minutes Apr 01, 2010 CPACE II

Date: April 01, 2009                                         

 Time: 11:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.


  • Michigan State University (MSU): Mark,  Jon, Abdol, Neeraj, Jim, Claudia
  • LCC: Louise
  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW): Cindee, Kysha
  • SAMPI: Mary Anne

1) Minutes from March 18, 2010

No comments

2) NSF PI meting

  • Mark and Jon gave a summary of the meeting that they attended.
  • 3 cohorts of grants good crowd.
  • J. Wing is leaving NSF. Nothing really new on CT
  • NSF wants to have highlights (HL) at anytime. A big theme is to leverage the workforce, workforce development/collaboration.
  • We are well positioned to come up with a nice highlight . For next meeting think about HL themes regarding workforce development tied to curricular needs.
  • Jon talked about CPATH website. People like it. Need to get folks to get to the website on a more regular basis.

3) Evaluation update. Trip canceled due to technical difficulties.

4) Summer Workshop J. Fairweather. The following are some points that Dr Fairweather discussed about his ideas about the structure of the workshop:

  • How to translate the CT ideas and implement them
  • The format is to have a set of scenarios and readings in the mornings. In the afternoon we will work as a group and talk about solutions. Iterate this process
  • It is important to have variations in the scenarios. Try to use real examples from different kinds of experiences and apply to our problem--Computational Engineering.
  • Students are a big part. He refer to  studies that show that when faced with change the students react negatively at the beginning, so it is also important to consider how to engage students to see the benefits of what we are doing (infusing computational problem solving and using authentic problems)
  • Other example could address the scenario of -What if it is not a programmatic change but a set of competencies?
  • Different kinds of implementation strategies require different inputs for example Deans.
  • Jon suggested that it would be ideal to have J. Turner here for the workshop.
  • Jim is available June 20 through July 30. Claudia will create an availability sign-up table in the wiki.
  • Who needs to be there: LCC, MSU SAMPI for sure. CSW as needed. EESS to be decided

5) Comments on cascade problems

  • There was a discussion about how the problems could be used at different levels (EGR, upper class-men).
  • The Civil Eng problem will be set aside for now.
  • In general the consensus is that we do need more details from Cascade.
  • We need to have specific questions for example about how to apply computation to solve the problems.
  • One issue seems to be the lack of complexity (details ) in the problems. Cascade gave us a very well defined (oversimplified) set of problems.
  • We need to keep in mind that this is a piloting phase and one important objective is to try to define what constitutes a good authentic problem.
  • Daina and Jon will get together and define a set of questions about the problems.
  • For follow up with Cascade Kysha will set up a conference call.

6) AB meeting

  • The Summer availability table used for the workshop will be used to set an AB meeting date