Minutes CPACE August 10, 2010

CPACE meeting minutes August 10, 2010
MSU: Daina, Neeraj, Mark, Jon, Claudia
LCC: Louise
SAMPI: Mary Anne
CSW: Cindee, Kysha

Minutes July 27, 2010
No revision to the minutes.

Moving further on EGR 102
Regarding the EGR 102 meeting on Aug 23, 2010 we discussed some plans to prepare for this meeting. We agreed that we will meet as a subgroup on Aug 19, 2010
The ideas on the table are:
Look at the existing EGR 102 problems and revamp one of them. If the problems are already hitting what we want (CPACE) then we are fine if not then we need to add material to make it fit our competencies and make it sound more authentic. We need to be careful that we don't make it a professor-driven problem. We know from previous meeting with them that they really want new problems.
Use the Water filtration problem from Cascade. Get Tom or other expert to look at it.
Come up with other problem options

1.5) Scheduling discussion
We can have a set meeting schedule and cancel as we go along if we do not need to meet as a group but keep the dates so that the subgroups can meet about the different topics.
The subset of us working on the instructional design will need to meet on a regular basis.

2) Ideas for NSF highlights
We had huge problems with the audio.
Kysha and Mary Anne gave us a summary of what they did and the comments were that the word clouds look very nice they reflect our collaboration and partnership with industry.
One word cloud looks at the AP generation process and the software picks up the words and the words that are more frequently used appear larger. The source of the text was the Authentic Problems (AP) Generation Process document, they also used the proposed AB meeting agenda draft.
Idea-- to use the highlight as the source of the words.
Because it is a highlight it is a press release kind of thing, we need to be aware that the audience is congress, lay people that are not necessarily familiar with the project.
The first paragraph has to be engaging.
The main thing that needs to be hit is the linkage between us industry and our curricula. What are we doing here that leverages America compete? If this phrase is there that would be great.
We should portrait the whole CPACE project CPACE I and II. We will also include pictures.
The draft will be revised and sent around for comments. we will finalize the discussion in the next CPACE meeting and take it to the press person and have her converting into a press release.
We should portrait the whole CPACE project CPACE I and II.

3) Collection of authentic problems
On the last meeting we need to get clear as a group on a timeline to start to obtain AP to build our collection and who are we going to target.
The sense that we have from the Cascade pilot was that there was some misunderstanding so it is important to have a process clear and the pilot helped us to identify lessons learned and put together the Authentic Problems (AP) Generation Process.
Part of the lessons learned is how are we communicating we need to be clear about the who and the when in terms of the reach out and then provided the employers with clear ideas about what we are seeking from them be clear about our expectations, give them a concrete example.
In general for the different parts of the project we need to have these types of written processes based on our experiences.
We need to frame the outreach in the context of the interviews that we already did with them (mission critical). We have data from the interviews that we can use to get the conversation started. Looking at the interview data will help us also to identify who we can start with, identify who has a good grasp of the computational issues that we are targeting.
In terms of getting back to Cascade we need to close the loop with them and make them aware of what we are doing with the information. With Cascade we need to let them know that they were instrumental in pushing out thinking and helping us identify how to move our process forward. We will wait until we decide about the problems to communicate with them as Kysha sent a general thank you note.

3.5) Mike McDonald is back in Michigan and he would be great for the AB. Daina will send him note and ask him.

6) Date for the AB meeting November 4 from 9:30 to 1:00 pm