Minutes Feb 04, 2010 CPACE II

Date: Feb 04, 2010                                       

 Time:  11:30 a.m. - 1:00 pm


MSU: Jon, Mark, Daina, Neeraj, Abdol, Claudia

SAMPI: Mary Ann

CSW: Cindee, Kysha

LCC: Louise Agenda:

1) AB meeting status

2) Update on meeting with Cascade Eng to discuss examples of 'Authentic problems'

3) Update on meeting with EGR faculty

4) J. Fairweather workshop


3) AB meeting status

  •  Mark gave an update on the meeting with the EGR faculty to discuss the CPACE results and connection to CPACE II.
  • The EGR faculty seemed to be engaged and willing to modify their content to reflect some of the results from the mapping of data from CPACE I to concepts (FITness report).
  • They are very interested in the help that we can offer in terms of authentic problems that they can use as part of their instruction. They have a group problem (authentic) that they use in the lab. We will review the problem that they used in the Fall 09 and use to help in the discussion with cascade about authentic problems. Claudia to meet with mark and discuss the EGR problem.

2) Update on meeting with Cascade Eng to discuss examples of 'Authentic problems'

  • We discussed meeting dates and times.
  • Cascade want s to remain engaged.
  • We will use them to pilot the process of collecting authentic problems.
  • The instructional frame is backward design: Once we have the problems we can tackle instructional design.
  • Also important to meet with them early to pilot, keep engagement and inform process of talking and engaging industry and AB members.
  • Neeraj suggested that if we get a problem from Cascade we could pilot it in the summer term (small class) and have the TAs run the problem and align to what is taught in EGR 102.

1) AB meeting status

  • Where do we want to be before the meeting?
  • No conclusive statements about this for now. Some ideas about the meeting having the AB members engaged in the authentic problems issue.
  • On the issue of representation: Daina will follow up with some contacts. Neeraj will contact Fishbeck. Jon will contact Garth. Claudia will send the AB roles page to facilitate contact.

4) J. Fairweather workshop

  • Set up workshops. Have 2 weeks in Summer and refresher 2 weeks.
  • Ask Jim to join us in one of the CPACE meetings to discuss what needs to be done then set the timing.