Minutes February 13, 2008

CPACE Meeting Minutes

Date: December 19,                             Time: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location: MichiganState University,East LansingMI

Participants listed by group:

  • MichiganStateUniversity (MSU): Jon Sticklen (first 10 min), Mark Urban-Lurain, Claudia Vergara
  • LansingCommunity College (LCC): Louise Paquette.
  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW): Cindee Dresen, Lisa Katz. 
  • SAMPI: Pete Vunovich.

Revise advisory board candidates. We went through the Advisory Board Candidates list on the Wiki

Claudia: We need to remember to keep track of minority representation in the AB. (recommendation from Mark Jenness)

Mark: We do have several females.

Cindee:  We have some small industries which is important in terms of having a scale of business size.

Mark: Jon, you have not been able to contact the person from Dow.

Jon: No, we can go forward with what we have and then come back to the other person if necessary.

Cindee: In terms of business size, 5 to 199 is small business and over 200 is medium or big.

Mark: Daina has not ranked the ChE.

Claudia: She was very clear about Mr. McDonald.

Mark: Do we need more discussion on the ChE people w/o Daina.

Jon: We need to get Daina's input here, I will ask her to do the rankings.

Mark: In ChE we have a female from a large company and a male from a small company.

*We went through the list and added size of companies and clarified details about particular candidates and the rankings.

Lisa: TARDEC is the biggest military presence that we have in the state it puts us on the radar with the department of defense. They also are important for the automotive sector.

Mark: What is GEMA?

Lisa: Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance, is an alliance between Subaru, Chrysler and one other firm; in terms of work force they have been laying new tracks in terms of very high level skills requirements for their workers.

Mark: That could show us the future direction piece right?

Lisa: Yes, but I also feel very strongly about SME and having the associations tie to us.

Mark: We need to have Tom sign off in this list so that we can move forward.     

Mark: Hemlock semiconductor size is it a very big company?

Lisa: I will look it up.

Mark: Tom is MottCommunity Collegebut he might be ME, he is with regional tech.

Mark: What is the connection between Mott and the work force with RTC?

Lisa: They have an NSF grant, they are working on manufacturing programs, design programs they teach autoCAD, unigraphics they are doing a lot of stuff with robotics and he is a very good team player. I think of him as representing the mid-MI innovation team but the development on that front is that David Hollister (former major) has asked to be part of our AB group though I don't really know if he is the right fit for what we are trying to do. This came up in a meeting that Jeannine had with him and I think she is in the same page that maybe he does not have the technical qualifications but if he asks people to do things particularly in Mi they are likely to listen.

Mark: To the degree that the AB is a mix of people he might bring to the table the bigger economical picture.

Lisa: He is also very interested and this is important to us.

Mark: He also has government connections.

Lisa: He is constantly meeting with all these new business, he likes o be able to connect the dots and there might be something there. I will discuss it with him and if the group has some questions that I need to cover please give me that guidance.

Mark: We need to run this by Tom as the PI. We can put Hollister in the other category and he would be the mid-MI innovation team representative.

Pete: The amount of political baggage he carries with him. He's been around for a while and he might be able to open some doors but I don't know how much influence he has any longer.

Lisa: He is leading the foundation that is managing the mid-MI innovation team they are trying to develop a regional economic workforce development initiative which is mid-MI based. There is now a 13 county area and they have received a large grant form the USdept of labor to do a lot around regional transformation. Our project is connected to that work and when we submitted this grant we played that up because there is an agreement between DOL and NSF to give support to these WIRED regions.

Mark: There is also a connection between that initiative and MSU through Paul Hunt's office.

Lisa: I really want to have this conversation with David because I wonder if he has the time to add this to his agenda, but if he feels committed to it it's hard to say no, one solution would be to have Tom representing that group because he is on that board and he comes from a relevant background.

Mark: I think it is important to be politically sensitive to all of these issues so any response to Hollister has to be careful especially if it is a thank you for your offer but we don't think there is a good fit kind of response.

Claudia: Since they are involved in the DOL project they might have the entry into a lot of the companies that we are interested, right?

Lisa: They may have strong contacts in mid-MI but because of his history he would have contacts throughout MI. He might have other ideas and unusual suspects. I will explore this and then get back to the group.

Mark: In CE I don't think Neeraj has ranked these. Jon has added some rankings. We have female representation.

Mark: We are in the bulk pert in term of potential numbers of people. In terms of minority representation, we don't know what their minority status is. Are there more comments on the AB table?

Note: Contact all the people that still need to add rankings.

The next item on the agenda is the summary and discussion about the subgroup meeting on February 6

Claudia: Since there are not many other people here different from the subgroup, let's move this agenda item to the next meeting when we all are here. The minutes and summary are on the wiki. The next item is the invitation package. The invitation is Tom's letter and the role document.  I will gather the documents that we edited last and place them in the documents box on the wiki.

Mark: Other important issue is to target a date for the first meeting, to finalize the letter we need to have some proposed dates. Our initial meeting would probably have to be face to face and ideally all of the project members need to be there.

Cindee: Given that there will be back and forth during this process, the approvals for the outreach and all the time in schedule coordination, I would say mid April is a good time frame.

Mark: I am out the first week of April should we pick a couple of dates and have people tell us their availability on a couple of dates?

Cindee: We can have a couple of dates and in the letter state that we are looking at these as a potential dates to have our first meeting.

Mark: We can run it around internally and see what is best for people. We talked about a two hour meeting.

Cindee: There are certain things that we can do as a lead up to that first meeting which are going to be orientation to the project.

Mark: After people say yes we can provide them some information but during the meeting we would have to do it again.

At this point we lost communication but really all of the agenda items were covered so we finished here.


-        We need to have all the members of the group add the rankings to the AB candidate document ion the wiki. Also all the comments need to be addressed.

-        It is important to decide on a couple of dates for the first AB meeting to present to the AB candidates.