Board Kickoff Agenda Planning

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Overview of CPACE
  • Current status
  • Plan for future action
    • Interviews
    • Survey
  • Outreach and engagement strategies
  • For review and comment:  data gathering protocols

Needed for kickoff:

  • Tentative implementation plan, revised timeline
  • Draft interview/survey protocols
  • Draft outreach/engagement strategy

March 7 Status


Dean's conference center is reserved 4/24 10-2

Box lunch? Jon checking with Jamie.

Dean at kickoff of meeting. Is on his schedule via Pam through Jon.

To do 

Paul Hunt:  Mark will contact. 

Publicity with Linda Whyte? Do we need to have someone from this office taking pictures?

Verify that we have other material on wiki; make sure public site is OK.


put stuff in binder

Outreach & Engagement strategies are where we need advice from AB.

HOw much material in advance? Only that which we need to have feedback from. If having only quarterly meetings, need to get as much out of them as possible during materials. Give as much before to get comments.

Protocols up front could be confusing without context of the meeting.

input from AB on how see role to get connections for interviews/surveys.

how much time for each item?

breakouts by discipline? lead each breakout and come back?

Up to an hour for first 3 items? people will not always do homework before meeting.

need meaty overviews.

need executive summaries. More than 10 minutes for intro to project.

challenge of how many from each discipline?

at end of day, need to focus on material that transcends disciplines; want to avoid disciplinary.

What outcomes from them as input on protocol? outreach / engagement strategies.

Joe Turner come to AB meeting? Check budget for how many. for scheduling meetings.