Chemical and Civil Eng. Computational Tools Identification based on the current curriculum

Course (term)

Computational tools


Software to integrate

Chemical Eng.
  Daina's Integration
Daina's mapping to Computing Principles
CHE 201 (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Excel, ASPEN (simulation), MATLAB (not much)
Intro course
CHE 210 (Fall, Spring) MATLAB It was a senior class.
differential equations and
how to relate to ChE. It is a prereq.
Has one TA
CHE301 (Fall)
CHE 311 (Fall)
  Issue with faculty
CHE 312 (Spring)
MATLAB (issue with faculty), ASPEN (better)
CHE 431 (Fall)

The instructor was going to use
MATLAB but the textbook is POLYMAT, tried
to transfer to MATLAB but could not
CHE 432 (Fall)
CHE 433 (Spring)
capstone, design projects.
Cross discipline possible.
CHE 434 (Spring)
ASPEN national student design competition
Civil Eng
The layout is similar to the
Chem E curriculum
EGR 102
MATLAB and other spreadsheet aplications
CE 222(???) Statics, hand calculations, MATLAB could be used as well.
ME, EE and disciplines from other
colleges take this course so it is
a good cross-disciplinary example.
It is taught in large sections there are TAs
CE 305 (Spring)
MATLAB could be used. Faculty from Structural Eng.
Computational intensive. Can use
any tool, they want. Also use
structural analysis packages.
Juniors 1st or 2nd semester. All civil
and Environmental take it.
CE 280 (Fall, Spring, Summer)
  All civil take it. Did not highlight
in original curriculum as a possible
target because instructor will not
tend towards computational tools.
CE 461 (???)
MATLAB Not a required course. heavy in
computational methods. has a module of dynamics.
CE 400 (Fall)
Structural (10-15 students).
Highly specialized course.
CE 495 (Spring, Fall)
  Capstone course (4-5 students)
Each student represents an area of expertise
MATH151,152,253,254 Maple12 Use of Maple is being integrated into the calculus sequence at LCC  
CPSC131 MATLAB & EXCEL Course transfers to MSU as EGR102  


  • Civil uses very specialized tools.
  • For Civil, other possible path could be the Fluid dynamics path CE 321, 421, 422
Edward Olsen,
May 7, 2012, 8:39 AM
Edward Olsen,
May 7, 2012, 8:39 AM