Minutes Mar 18, 2010 CPACE II

Date: March 18, 2009                                         

 Time: 11:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.


  • Michigan State University (MSU): Mark,  Jon, Abdol, Daina, Claudia
  • LCC: Louise
  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW): Cindee
  • SAMPI: Mary Anne


0.5) CPATH Evaluation survey:  Due 3/24.

1) Update on the CPATH PI meeting Mar 24-26 in DC

  • Will take poster. Claudia will prepare.

2) EGR 102

Cascade problems discussion:

  • Cascade sent three problems.  The structure of the problems is very good, in terms of process and considering that the meeting with Cascade was a piloting exercise, we can use these problems as examples for other employers.
  • We need to get back to Cascade to follow up and find out more details about the problems. Timely follow-up is important to keep companies engaged and to use as a template to engage other employers.
  • The contextual frame to look at these problems: 

      - How do we teach this to our students.

      - Then ask Cascade about details.

      - Design instruction

  • There was a discussion about 'going back' to Cascade the following is a summary of points of agreement and order of events:

      - Faculty: We need to work around the problems to be able to formulate key focused questions. We will contact 'expert faculty' in EGR who can comment on the problems and help us generate questions for Cascade. Assignments are as follow: Daina will deal with the nanoclay and sand problems; Jon will contact Tom about the sand problem and or all of them; Neeraj Civil problem.
      - Contact Cascade: The due date to have comments ready is the next CPACE meeting April 1, 2010. the next step will be to generate questions for Cascade.

      - Instructional Design: We have to define the computational parts of the problems. For example EGR 102 faculty could help us get a feel for what they think can be used (computationally) in EGR 102

  •  We should take advantage of the fact that there is not an instructor for fall EGR 102 yet and make sure that the new instructor is on board with our project.

3) AB status

  • Mark will follow up with T. Mathes (TARDEC) 
  • ADM representative will be an AB member and attend the meetings as best as he can.
  • The Eaton contact Daina will contact him to tell him that Cindee will give him the details about being an AB member.
  • Jon will contact Garth
  • Cindee will contact T. Crampton and will follow up with Lisa about J. Cross.