Minutes May 22, 2008.

CPACE Meeting Minutes

Date: May 22, 2008                             Time: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location: Michigan State University,East Lansing MI

Participants listed by group:

  • Michigan State University (MSU): Mark Urban-Lurain, Jon Sticklen, Daina Briedis, Claudia Vergara.
  • Lansing Community College (LCC): Louise Paquette
  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW): Kysha Frazier, Lisa Katz.

1)     Review Minutes May 6, 2008

In terms of the input from Ad B members to the protocols (survey, interviews) we got good comments and there were not major concerns. All the comments have been incorporated in the protocols.

Jon: We need to get back to the board members and thank them and tell them that we incorporated their comments. This will help them feel engaged.

Daina: Did we follow up on Steve Richey in terms of wiki and meeting summary

Claudia: Yes, we have a wiki account for him. Mark needs to follow up with him.

We went through the action items in the minutes.

Cindee/Lisa in WIRED (to leverage minority representation)

Lisa: I have a meeting with them next week and I will bring that up.

Lisa: I have a couple of people that I think are a good idea to be connected with even though they are not AdB members; one of them is ? from ? his company trains eng. on advance computational skills.

Mark: So his company focuses on training the engs to use computational tools?

Jon: What tools? Computational tools used in eng? As opposed to general tools

Lisa: Solid work, cosmos.

Jon: What is Cosmos?

Jon: It sounds like solid modeling software.

Mark: I think that if they are using computational tools in an eng environment them the contact is very relevant. We don't need more AdB members. He might be someone that we want to talk to in a pilot interview and as an interviewee in general.

Daina: He might have a good cross section of multiple employers.

Jon: As the analysis of the results come in we will need more computer science faculty

2) Employer Engagement strategy

Kysha took us through it. We edited as we went along.

-           The MSU contact for employers is Garth M.

-           The LCC contact for employers is Clint Jones

We have to decide in the context of the engagement what it is that we want Clint and Garth to do and then ask them when we have a specific task.

Mark: When you say second approach are you thinking that we use the ideas in the first approach and then if we have not generated enough response we move to the second approach?

Kysha: Not necessarily but if we find that we get an overwhelming response with the first approach we don't need more but I also think that we would want to do some of these simultaneously.

Mark: The press strategy needs more time.

Kysha: Yes. The time and energy for the second approach are more.

Mark: Regarding the press strategy seems to me that just getting awareness about the project even more than using it to recruit people to participate in interviews. We want to generate sufficient buzz so that when we are ready to move to the next part of the project people are aware of what we are doing and in interested in the results.

Jon: Linda and I talked about it and she thinks that we need to have tangible results before we do the press release.

Lisa: K. Cooley who is the director of the department of labor and economic growth is an eng. We should be on his radar screen.

Mark: We certainly want to make sure that he knows what's going on. Are you the person to contact him?

Lisa: We have a team of people that work with them so probably through a colleague we can get the information to him. (action item?)

Mark: Specially thinking of the bigger proposal it will not be premature to contact him at this point.

Mark: It sounds to me that in terms of contacts most of them would be through CSW, with the exception of the specific LCC and MSU

Mark: As we look at the ideas through the tiers here we need to keep in mind that we have parallel goals here one of which is to recruit people to collect data and that is our first goal and the other one is that we need to start to find venues and ways for dissemination.

Jon: When will we have the data?

Mark: We are doing the majority of the data collection this summer and we will collect data as it comes in and then the other question is when we turn data into information? (data analysis). The data analysis conversation we need to have as a group. CSW have ideas?

Kysha: Tammy would be the one talking about that.

Mark: We are targeting the week of June 9 to do our pilot interviews. The goal then is to revise the protocols in the context of the data that we are extracting and we want to have a meeting including all our view points early on about that.

We need to have our talking points ready and out for our AdB members.

Advisory Board talking points

Mark edited the document that Cindee sent and that's the one that we are going to use. We shared the word document on the screen made edits and then Mark saved it and placed it in the wiki drop box.

Mark: The point of this document was that this is the document that we will give to the AdB members and ask them to use this as their framing for contacting people but we would not ask them to give this directly to the people that they are contacting. I think that we need to have some version that the AdB members can give to people.

Kysha: We could make a document.

Claudia: A brochure perhaps?

Mark: That would be useful. Jon Do we have someone to do this?

Jon: It would be the publication office. Linda might.

Mark: Could you find out about this? Who can we talk to?

Mark: I made some content changes in the What will CPACE do piece. I put the improved computational problem solving at the top. I switched the emphasis form the reduce costs and that sort of stuff which are not trivial to reflect that the kind of computational problem solving and independent thinking those are long term.

Jon: This is very resonant with everything I heard at the meeting. Almost nobody is doing computational thinking outside of computer science.

Mark: Right. Because we are talking to Eng folks whose primary focus is not computation, I want to keep the computational problem solving so that it is not just computing per se and to tie the things that engs are going to relate to which is the problem solving.

Jon: The idea is to put the computation in the context of a tool; the problem solving is the primary issue.

Editions were accepted on the document and the document placed on the wiki:


3)                 Pilot Testing

Claudia: We are beginning the pilot testing on the week of June 9, 2008. The interview pilots will be used to inform the instruments.

Mark: We are working now with the surveys. We are setting a meeting of the subgroup. We need to make the open ended responses that we have on the survey top close ended items. We have a tool here that helps us in the analysis of open ended survey questions.

4)                 IRB Status:

Ready and accepted as  exempt.

5)                 Ad Board Space status check.

Claudia showed the group the Ad Board space on the wiki.


Employer Engagement strategy

-        We have parallel goals' one is to recruit people to collect data for interviews and surveys, the other one is that we need to find venues and ways for dissemination.

Pilot interviews and Data collection

-        We are targeting the week of June 9 to do pilot interviews. The goal is to revise the protocols in the context of the data that we obtain

-        We want to have a project meeting to include all our view points early on after the pilots.

-        We are doing the majority of the data collection this summer and we will analyse data as it comes in.

-        We are finishing the surveys. We need to transform open ended items to close ended items. We have a tool here that helps us in the analysis of open ended survey questions.

Advisory Board talking points

-        Because we are talking to Eng folks whose primary focus is not computation, the computational problem solving has to be tied up to the  tie the problem solving that engs are going to relate to.

-        The idea is to put computation in the context of a tool with problem solving as the primary issue.

-        Additionally we decided to prepare a brochure with general information about the CPACE project. The intention is to have Ad Board members give this brochure to people to facilitate engagement.

Action Items


Lisa: Contact (editor) from (editor) (company trains eng. on advance computational skills). The interest is for pilot and interview/survey participation.

Lisa: Bring up with the WIRE people the issue about minority representation.

Lisa: Facilitate/promote contact with K. Cooley (director of the department of labor and economic growth).

Kysha: Finalize employer engagement strategy priority listing


Jon: Brochure preparation contact information

Mark: Thank you notes for AdB members including WIKI access information

Mark: Follow up on Steve Richey (AdB member) in terms of wiki and meeting summary