Employer Interview Tracking

Interviewer Interviewee Company Contact Status Interested? (y/n) Interview Date Demographics Interview Completed Data Uploaded

Jane Kim
General Mills
Sent another e-mail, LM consider dead lead no no    
Cindee Karl Lanka
E-mail, LM; Kysha is following up on another contact - Mike Westbrook - sent follow-up on 10/7 consider dead lead no no    
Cindee Dave Mui Paragon Die E-mail, LM; Trading e-mails to schedule a date Yes 10/15 Yes Yes Yes - sent to Claudia, in Drop box
Cindee Brad Young
Steelcase Inc.
E-mail, LM; spoke w/ Shannon Murphy she referred us to an engineering manager who is better suited, but we have not heard from him yet; 11/7 - we have another contact Brad Young who is a porduct development engineer and is intersted in interviewing. I am playing phone/e-mail tag to secure an interview time. Yes 11/17 Yes Yes Interview and notes uploaded  in Drop box 11/19;
Cindee John Kowalski
X-Rite E-mail, LM -- One of the engineering managers is not comfortable signing the consent form until Xrite attorneys approve the form; one of the other engieering managers is comfortable signing and already completed the demo. survey, but will he proposed doing the interview with him via phone rather than in-person, he is double checking company policy though before we proceed - tentatively have a call scheduled for Monday, 10/13. Waiting for confirmation about Lawyer approving  consent to pick an alternate date Yes 10/13 ? No - not participating in employee survey dur to challenges with participation in employer interview process Due to discomfort with completing the consent form to participate in in-person interview - John Calow Mechanical Optical Engineer Manager sent typed responses to the interview questions; his colleague Mark Cargill, Firmware-electronics Engineer Manager, completed the demographic survey. I have followed up to see if we would be able to get an in-person interview scheduled, but have not gotten a response, which may be the response. Recommend we move on and use the information provided in written form. Placed writen responses in Drop box for wiki placement.
Cindee TJ Thompson
Trans-Matic Mfg
Email, LM yes 10/17 Yes Yes Recodring and notes in drop box
Cindee Amanda Melquist
Sent another e-mail, LM consider dead lead no no    
Cindee Jeffery Beavers
Mik Bush
Whirlpool Corp
week of 11/17, Garth reconnected with George Bibbs to get us a different contact,
connected with a different contact who says they are interested in participating; Jeff bush responded on 12/15 indicating that Mike Bush (Director of HR Global Products -their Research adn ENgineering division) would help schedule the interview. PLaying phone and e-mail tag week of 12/15, Garth also following up again 1/21/09 Indicated could begin sending sruvey out week of 1/26/09 yes interview  recording and notes in drop box;
Cindee Dave Yanochko
Fishbeck, Thompson, etc
sent protocol, he referrred upstream, waiting on response, need to call, last contact 9/22; Cindee will take over follow-up as  location for interview is in Grand Rapids office; trying to set a date for interview week of 10/13 or 10/27  yes 10/27 Yes Yes Recording  and notes in drop box,
Cindee Chris Edwards Fulcrum Composites Inc Scheduled yes 11/21; rescheduling he had to cancel
Held 11/24
No - only have 1 FTE besides President who sat in (listened in) on most of  the interview but didn't speak, rest are sub contracted staff and student emloyees Yes Recording and notes in drop box;
Cindee Jim Earl Severstal North America in process of scheduling yes 11/25 Continue to follow-up with Jim - will be reaching out to Mary Ann Dolehanty folliowing holidays to see if she can help as Jim was her referral :
As of week 1/19/09 Severstal has now completed some employee surveys
Yes Recording and notes in drop box;
Cindee Steve Richey Kellog (AB member) secured 12/3 for interview.  This is continuation from our AB member interviews we did over the summer; we want Kellog since they represent CPG industry. yes 12/3 Continue to follow-up with Steve; Steve indicated on 1/7/09 he would send survey out to some of their staff engineering staff
Kellogg has now completed some surveys; followed week of 1/19 to see if we could get more response
Yes Recording and notes in Drop Box ;
Cindee Roger Eaton Metalist Followed via e-mail and phone. yes 12/11 No- Metalist is a small company (30 person)  with 2 engineers. I interviewed one of the sentior engineers; they are just getting ready to hire a CAD/Engineering technician who would have been  a candidate for the survey. The other engineer is on medical leave as he shattered bones in both legs on Thanksgiving. yes Recording and notes uploaded in drop box
Cindee Mike Bolon General Dynamics Land System Played phone/e-mail tag for a couple of weeks yes 1/9/09 Sending survey out next week (1/12) Yes Recording  an notes in drop box
Cindee Anthony Recca Commonwealth Associates   yes 1/28/09 Sending survey week of 2/2   Recording and notes in drop box
John Kaman
Black & Veatch
LM 9-18 followup email sent. Need to call again. 
TM sent follow up email request- John passed onto HR for response
Emily K Hulburt
no longer with company
no no no    
Lillian Woolley
DTE Energy
sent protocol, sent follow up email. Last conttact 9/24. Called and sent email 10/27.
probably dead lead  - move on no no    
Tammy Michelle Romick
NTH Consultants, LTD
VM box for Kevin O'Connor - assume Michelle is no longer with company. Did not leave a message. Have backup contacts, need to do outreach.
TM emailed secondary contact Micheal Schorsh week of 10/20; waiting response;
NTH is member of ACEC (John Kolasek AB member referred this alliance) - Cindee will follow-up vis-a-vis John should TM's follow-up not work and 2nd round list needs back fill.
Tammy R Jeffrey Blowers
Robert Bosch Corp
He forwarded to Personnel. They are busy with campus recruiting now, but possibly interested in scheduling interview in November. Sent email 10/1 to schedule. No response, sent email 10/27.
maybe - Discontinue if not rece'd response by 11/15.
Tammy Casio Bockenstette
General Motors
She says she's not the right person to talk to, has forwarded information to others in the company. Sent followup email stressing interest and importance of GM participation.
probably dead lead  - discontinue follow-up        
Tammy   MDOT added for empl. survey tracking only     Yes    
Tammy   GM added for empl. survey tracking only     No - Ben Baker (AB Member and main contact was lost as result of his early retirement from GM)    
Tammy   TARDEC added for empl. survey tracking only     No - Thom indicated that their legal counsel stated that their employees are not allowed to  participate in the survey due to security violation.    
Tammy Gary Woodrough Symetry Jet added for empl. survey tracking only     Yes    
Tammy Mary ANn Dolehanty MDEQ added for empl. survey tracking only     Yes    
John Gilkey
Artemis Solutions
email and vm left on 9/17; addtional email on 9/23; expressed interest, interivew conducted with Brian Azar (John was not available). yes 10/8 Yes yes notes and inverview up; consent form mailed to MSU week of 12/8
Matt Heppler
Demmer Corp
vm left on 9/17; additional vm on 10/1.  Drop from list to interview. No        
Taryn Randy Simon
EDS Corp
interview scheduled for 10/8 yes 10/8 Yes yes yes
Taryn Dave Vering
Emergent BioSolutions
back and forth emails and vms; talked on 9/22-interested but engineering manager not.  drop from list to interview.
Note: Daina Briedis has contact there too; as of mid-Oct she is reaching out to them to see if she can leverage her contact to secure interest.
Taryn John Summersett
Great Lakes Comnet
left vm and email 9/17; additional email on 9/22; additional email 10/1.  Drop from interview list. No        
Taryn Dean M Peters
IMPCO Machine Tools
vm and email on 9/17; responded with interest on 9/19; date to be scheduled when back in town in 2 weeks yes 10/9 No - too small, 4 employees have 20 plus years of engineering experience yes yes
Taryn Paul Satoh Neogen vm and email on 9/17; talked on 9/19 ; mutally decided to drop from interview process because not a good fit after all. no        
Cindee Sherry Dreasky
Dart Container
vm and email on 9/17; addtional email on 9/23; HR contact responded but not sure engineering dept will be interested. drop from list to be interviewed.
 Week of 11/17 Garth reaconnected with Sherry, she indicated that they were interested in participating, I have reached out to her to to try to schedule something the week of 12/1; still no luck with Sherry. I have followed up w/ 3 phone calls and e-mail messages.  Garth sent a follow-up to Sherry again 12/19 - we'll see if we get any response; Checked in w/Gart
Seemed to be intially, but not responding to outreach        
Taryn Amy Nourse
vm and email on 9/17; addtional email on 9/23; expressed interest; interview scheduled. yes 10/8 Yes yes yes
Taryn   GEMA (Chrysler) added for empl. survey tracking only

I am sorry, we have decided not to send the surveys out at this time.  There are a lot of mixed emotions at the plant right now due to the automotive news and current layoffs.  We feel that these emotions may get projected in the surveys and have misleading results.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Angie Becker
Taryn   Hemlock added for empl. survey tracking only
vm on 11/14 and email
email on 11/26 
another vm on 12/10 ; reached week 1/5
    Taryn following up again; Jim sending out surveys week of 1/5 with due date of 1/16    
Taryn   DOW added for empl. survey tracking only     Yes    
Taryn Houston Brown Shell Oil willing to do survey; Houston will do in New Year after return from vacation. yes 12/12 - phone interview reminding to fill out New anti-survey  policy will likely prevent employees from participating in this process; Houston was going to try to see if he could find a workaround but was not hopeful. recording and notes uploaded; waiting for consent form