Minutes November 26, 2007

CPACE Meeting Minutes

Date: November 26, 2007                                Time: 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Location: Michigan State University, East Lansing MI

Next meeting: December 5, 2007                      Time: 2:30 p.m. -4:30 p.m.

Participants listed by group:

  • Michigan State University (MSU): Daina Briedis, Jon Sticklen, Mark Urban-Lurain, Claudia Vergara.
  • Lansing Community College (LCC): Louise Paquette (Video).
  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW): Cindee Dresen.

General Agenda: (attachment 1)

1.    Review minutes from Nov 7 meeting. There were no changes to the minutes.

2.    Summary of NSF-CPATH projects. Claudia E. Vergara (attachment 4)

The objective of this summary is to inform CPACE about NSF funding for the CPATH projects. Also to get an idea about the kind of projects that other funded organizations are proposing. The summary included graphs showing the distribution of the funds among the different organizations sorted by regions. The organizations that are comparable to MichiganStateUniversity / CPACE in terms of funds were analyzed in more detail and the publicly available information about the proposals was discussed.
All the information including organization, principal investigator and co-PIs will be available in the WIKI with the appropriate links.

  3.    Meetings reports.

Jon, Cindee, Jeannine and Mark met with Mr. E. Yu CEO of (company) and C. Knapp chair of the Lansing IT regional skills alliance. Jeannine sent an e-mail summarizing the meeting (attachment 2).

Cindee: About the meeting with C. Knapp. They are gearing up to do a regional surveying in terms of employers to get a sense about recruitment issues. They are still unclear about the target audience. As they develop the surveys they can keep us appraised about the process. This will be important to CPACE because it will give us a sense of what their survey and also what folks are they tapping into. We might want to reach out to these people. The other scenario is that in some cases we do not want to overlap.

Issue: Decision about the regions that we are going to focus in.

Cindee raised the issue of the regions that we going to focus in. Are we going to stay contained within the mid-MI area? The general consensus is that even though we have talked about this we have not come to a definite decision. WIRED is a starting point, MMIT is one of the WIRED initiatives but there are others.

Cindee: About the meeting with Mr. Yu. It is important to note that there are numerous small manufacturers and manufacture-related organizations with different levels of job requirements and strong engineering needs similar to Mr. Yu's. A recurring theme is the fact that they have immediate needs. For engagement purposes we need to figure out a way to address their needs. In other words, it comes down to being able to tell what is in it for them?

Mark: If we want this folks to participate we need to offer them something short term that is beneficial to them.

Issue: Engagement strategy to address the immediate needs of small and mid-size businesses

There was a discussion around this theme and suggestions about how to help micro-businesses tap into the different resources available to them not only at MSU but also at LCC. It was decided that we need to put together a list of resources (a resources fact sheet) to offer to these types of small and mid-size businesses when we approach them. Cindee at CSW is going to head the effort of generating the list with help from MSU and LCC folks.

4.    Discussion of documents created by CSW:

-     CPACE advisory board invitation.

-     CPACE advisory board member characteristics.

-     Outreach strategy.

It was agreed that the name is advisory board. The group edited the advisory board invitation. A revised version will be sent via e-mail.

One of the important points is that members of the advisory board should have the connections and the status to suggest to people within their discipline or across disciplines to hear us out and open their doors to us.

The other document is an excel sheet summarizing the process of choosing the advisory board members.

Issue: Suggestions for advisory board list

There were suggestions about specific candidates for the advisory board. We checked the ASEE advisory board of directors. Some names were suggested, preferably not someone from PurdueUniversity as they are major players in the CPATH effort. Daina has the most contacts in ASEE, she will look into it and offer suggestions for the advisory board.

Daina suggested adding G. Motschenbacher to the advisory board list; he is the director of the career placement service in engineering.

Neeraj sent an e-mail suggesting "Fishback, Thompson Carr and Huber for the CEE group (contact can be made through the person on the CEE advisory board) as an

industry representative and the American Society of Civil Engineering as an association representative." (attachment 3).

5.    Agenda for meeting on December 5, 2007

Garywill be doing the bulk of the presentation (video conference). The three major items:

-           Labor market research information (CSW)

-           How this would inform our employer engagement strategies.

-           Implications for survey.

Cindee will prepare the agenda for the meeting.

6.    WIKI status

The WIKI is almost ready. There are some adjustments that need to be completed. Mark showed us the general features and some of the pages that he added. One of the things that we want is to divide the site into public and private places.

Action items 

Now that the invitation letter is ready:

MSU/ LCC: Contact the Eng departments. Assignments as follows:

Jon: CS and EE. Also contact Lione about App Eng.

Daina: ChE and BSE. Re-initiate contact.

Neeraj: CE and ME

Louise: LCC.

  • Cindee (CSW) is going to head the effort of generating the resources fact sheet with help from MSU and LCC folks.
  • Cindee (CSW) will prepare the agenda for the meeting on December 5, 2007. 


Next meeting: Wednesday December 05, 2007             Time: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location: Michigan State University, East Lansing MI