Advisory Board Meeting November 11, 2010 To Do list

The following table contains a list of the agenda items and sub-items. For some of the items we have already decided who will present and or facilitate. Some other items still need to have someone presenting and or facilitating. Please fill out your preferences about the tasks that we need to complete before the AB meeting.

Time Duration Agenda Items
    Overall Timekeeping Cindee  
    Overall Meeting Facilitation Jon  
9:30-10:00 30 min
Networking Breakfast
All Light
10-10:05 5 min
Welcome Dr. Udpa Dean Udpa will be there from 10-10:30 am. Jon will introduce him.
10-15  min
Agenda for the meeting
names, titles, organization, why did you join
15 min
Brief Overview of the CPACE I & CPACE II and AB member Role
Need to prepare presentation material. Request slides ahead of time to put on a common template.
target a start at 10:30 am
20 min
Targeted Courses (sophomore and up) MSU: Daina and Neeraj LCC: Louise
For the presentation include the updated version of the target courses that we used in the proposal (Claudia)
DB: I will need to leave by 11:45 for a class. 
Louise will send Claudia the slides and she will forw to Daina and Neeraj
10:50- 11:00
10 min Freshman course/authentic problem example.
Immediately after presenting the example we will have the discussion activity
Louise and Jon We will share the sand filtration problem for 102
Jon and Louise will set up the activity.
25-30 min
Discussion Activity:
  • What authentic computationally-based engineering  problems/issues/challenges do you resolve on regular basis?
  • What challenges (if any) do you encounter in resolving these problems/issues/challenges?
  • Who are the engineering practitioners that deal directly with these problems/issues/challenges we should speak with to learn more about them?
  • How do we continue industry engagement to keep the problems current and interesting? Each group use last 5 minutes to report out
Jon will kick off the activity
Cindee  and Claudia help keep the discussion flowing at each table and scribe responses to questions on flip charts.

Daina & Neeraj will float between the two tables
  • We will break in two groups of four AB members.
  • All the questions will be asked to all the AB members regardless of discipline. Remove discipline-specific remarks. We can do targeted follow-up with CHE and CE after the meeting.
  • Issues resolved:
  • New questions to add in -- How do we get people to move from novice to practitioners? What are the challenges that new employers/interns have in that transition process? (How are we preparing our workforce. -- these two questions and some of those above help answer how we are preparing the workforce-CD). Are we adding these questions? Where? Do not ask these questions at this point (10-22).
  • Think about the disciplinary composition of the groups. - try to balance the tables.
  • The 25-30 min include summary of the discussion at the end -- that is, each group will use last 5 minutes to summarize the themes of their discussion
10 min
Overview of the Authentic Problems Generation Process
Probing question: (Cindee will ask 1st bullet then ask to use the notecards on table to add any other thoughts and also include responses to the 2nd bulleted question on notecards) 
  • What adjustments would you make to this process? Are there other ways we could engage employers in this process?
  • Knowing networks shift over time, what other  engineering-based employers would you recommend that we speak with?
We will not have a discussion activity as such but a probing/check-in question. We will direct them to the note-cards on the table to provide fuller answers to these questions to manage time.
10 min
J. Turner
Daina will ask him to talk about broad and general issues from the ABET/CS/curricular perspective
11:50-12:00 10 min
Higher Ed Change Process MSU: Jim What is the implication of his message for me (AB)
10 min Evaluation activity SAMPI: Cynthia
Will happen during lunch (beginning)
12:05-12:15 10 min
Closing and next steps Jon We will follow up to connect about AP collection.
We will follow up with others as needed.

The following table lists the additional To Do's in preparation for the AB meeting on Nov 11. Helpers needed for the last item!

Send save the date message out and confirmation follow-up
CSW  Done
Claudia In progress
Assemble Packets for the meeting, pads of paper, pens.
Packets for AB and team members.
Jamie and Claudia
pens from LCC Louise??
Louise: Already has the pens.
Slides due date: Tuesday Nov 9, before noon
Assemble packets prior to the meeting and sending (should go out no later than Nov 5).
Jamie and Claudia
Send the documents via e-mail in PDF format.  Give them the wiki link so that they can download the documents.

Content: Power point (Jon and Claudia), Process of AP collection (Cindee) , target courses diagram (Claudia), sample problems (- Jon and Louise) Calc.  sequence (Louise); Civil and ChE courses Daina and Neeraj; evaluation (Cynthia & Mary Ann)
Slides due date: 
Name tags and tents Jamie and Claudia  
Parking Jamie and Claudia  
Lunch arrangements Jamie and Claudia  
Flip charts/easels Jamie and Claudia
Index cards  for part of group activity Jamie and Claudia  
Room preparation on Nov 10 after 4:45 pm
Claudia needs help!
Jon, Abdol, Claudia
Organize phone conference capabilities.
Jon Cindee will follow up with T. Mathes to get his number
Organize J. Turner schedule and accommodations
  Daina will ask him and e-mail me with a response. And what time he gets here

He organizes his flight. He arrives on Wed.  night Might have dinner with Mark, Jon, Abdol, Claudia.
Jon will drive him from the flier to Kellogg

Thursday Breakfast is at 7:30 am  Mark (may be), Jon.

Jamie will organize the room at Kellogg