Minutes October 7, 2008

CPACE Meeting Minutes 

Date: October 7, 2008                                            Time: 10:30 p.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Location: MichiganState University,East Lansing MI


  • Michigan State University (MSU): Mark Urban-Lurain, Claudia Vergara, Neeraj Buch, Daina Briedis
  • Lansing Community College (LCC): Louise Paquette.
  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW): Cindee Dresen, Kysha Frazier, Tammy Coxen , Taryn


1)      Summary Interviews:

-    Claudia to prepare a summary of points on which we all agree. This summary will be used to prepare the presentation to the AB on October 30.

-    For the presentation of results it is important to explain briefly what we covered during the interviews. For this meeting the presentation and discussion will be focused on the computational part. 

2)    AB Meeting Agenda:

-     We want the AB feedback about the themes that we have in the summary table. We want to make sure that the instruments are reflecting accurately what the employers are saying. What are the gaps are we missing important points?

-     It is important to emphasize the distinction between entry level and experienced hires.

-     Opening activity restricted to introductions and then get right to the discussions.

-     Could we do with the AB the exercise that we did with SAMPI? 

-     For this meeting is better to have a small group discussion among them with one of us as a facilitator helping move and target the conversation.

-     We will have two big discussions: Report, discussion (guiding questions), summary on a post-it The last part is the gap question discussion as a group.

-     During lunch Mark J. will do a presentation about the evaluation piece.

-     The role of programming can be an interesting lunch discussion. We also need to understand from them what do they mean by programming. We could even break this lunch conversations into different topics.

-     SAMPI will do something with the AB towards the end of the project; important for the process.

-     We will send (e-mail) the AB an executive summary and what we want them to do so that they are prepared.

-     We will  send in the physical packet (a week in advance): parking passes, executive summary

3)    We went through the To-do list and edited as we went.