Advisory Board Invites and First meeting Planning

This page has links to the pages for selecting our Advisory Board

Advisory Board Meeting April 24, 2008 Planning This document contains the agenda. This is a working version with all the details and ideas from the group. A Final version of this document will be sent to the AB members before the meeting.

Ad Board Meeting April 24,2008 Planning 'To Do List' This document has the list of things to prepare before the AB meeting on April 24.

Advisory Board Members Summary: This is the final list of the AB members  with contact information.

Advisory Board Invitation: This is the final version (March 12, 2008) of the invitation letter and the FAQ sheet. A PDF document including the letter with MSU letterhead and Tom's electronic signature, and the complete FAQ sheet was sent to each of the advisory board candidates.  

Advisory Board Invitees - March 10, 2008 This document shows the advisory board candidates that received the AB invitation and the status of the contact. This list was compiled from the Advisory Board Candidates Summary document.

Advisory Board Candidates Summary The candidates for the Advisory Board are ordered according to the rankings included in the advisory Board Candidates documents . Candidates that had no ranking are not included in this summary version.

Advisory Board Candidates
Matrix of possible candidates as discussed at the January 30, 2008 meeting.  Please review this list and add comments, other possible candidates or rankings of the candidates to the file.   When you are viewing the file, select EDIT from the PAGE OPERATIONS on the left to make your edits.

Possible Advisory board Members 19-DEC-07 Version
Updated version.  This list has complete contact information.