Ad Board Meeting April 24,2008 Planning 'To Do List'

Item Who
WIKI set-up Claudia
  •  The space on the wiki has been created.  The e-mail information has been sent to Bert David to set up the wiki accounts. (04-16-08)
  • 4/18, waiting for more user licenses
  • 4/19, have list of user ids/pws that will be used.
  • Need to check on complete list as there have been changes.
Create List-serve

Meeting Logistics:
  •  Name tags
Claudia (4-16-08) sent the list of project members and university dignitaries to Jamie.
  •  Parking passes with directions for non-MSU folks
Scheduled to send out 4/18 in US mail
  •  Coffee, water, bagels for the morning
Jamie 4/21 Tom asks for final head count for Jamie
Bagels & coffee from Panera
  •  Lunch
Grand Traverse Pie co sandwiches
  •  Table decorations
  •  Paper (from MSU) and pens (From LCC)
Jamie and  Louise
Louise (04-16-08).
  • I already have them in my car so I won't forget them.
  • Claudia (4-16-08) We decided on small portfolios with the MSU logo.
  •  Posters with information about CPACE
  Still under discussion
  •  Room set up the night before
  •  Recorders
mark will buy 3 digital recorders.
4/18. arrived and tested MU-L
  •  Video
CSW We decided not have a camera at this first meeting but would continue discussion when to document the work via video.
  •  Still pictures
Lynda White
Jon coordinating
  •  Transport to and from the airport.
  • Hotel?

  • Does anyone need this? * Is Jamie doing reservations?
  • There is a confirmation for wed April 23 at Kellogg for J. Turner (#1488533)
  • Need to check with J. Turner about his travel arrangements needs (Claudia e-mailed him 4-16-08 response: Yes, thanks.  I have reserved a rental car from DTW and I was planning to use the reservation at the Kellogg center.  Thank you for sending the confirmation number)
  •  Breakfast with AB members
Daina, Jon, Mark
So far only J. Turner
  •  List of attendees
Sent the list of the AB members to Jamie. Sent the list of Project team members and MSU dignitaries. Still waiting on some CPACE folks to confirm.
4/21. Jeannine will attend. informed Jamie
  •  Emergency telephone number
  Ask Jamie
Can use Jamie's numbers:
Office:  517-355-5128
Cell:    517-388-8833 
Meeting Packet for AB members (to be distributed before meeting)
Claudia to check with Jamie
  • Parking passes
  • Directions for non-MSU folks
  • Emergency telephone number
  • Agenda (Cindee will prepare the final version)
  • FAQ document
  • 4/18 scheduled to go out
Meeting Packet for AB members at the meeting
  • Agenda (Cindee will prepare the final version)
  • Power point
    • Mark & Jon assembling.
    • 4/21 have data collection and engagement slides from CSW
  • Printed List of the ID and passwords to access the wiki and directions.
  • Engagement strategy doc: Kysha sent draft 4/21
  • Draft survey and interview. 
    • need to pull from wiki
  • LCC and CSW and college of eng and DSME info
    • Have CSW brochures
    • Need others
  • Activity before introduction: Card responding to the following question: What 2-3 outcomes do you desire out of computing undergraduate education? or How do you see technology/computing changes  affect computational skill needs in the engineering workplace?
  • Activity after (Lunch): Look at your comments (before) reflecting on the CPACE project what challenges do you think the project will face in addressing your desired outcomes.
 Meeting Content
Mark/Jon/Tom Talking points for Dean and P. Hunt