Advisory Board Meeting April 24, 2008 Agenda - DRAFT

Advisory Board Kickoff Agenda - Annotated *Date:*4/24/08

*Who:*Advisory Board Members, MSU, LCC, CSW, Joe Turner ABET, SAMPI

Location: Deans eng. conference room (need room number)

Networking Breakfast: Provost Kim Wilcox will attend from 9:30 am to 9:45 am. Welcome attendees on behalf of MSU.

Meeting Time: 10 a.m.- 12 p.m.

Networking Lunch: 12 -1 p.m.

Meeting Facilitator & Time Keeper: Tom is Facilitator; Cindee is time keeper

Who Time
Welcome and introductions Tom,  Dean, Paul Hunt

Lisa -icebreaker
Cindee- Scribe
30 min
Dean & Paul will go 10 minutes.
After Tom does set-up for meeting, introduces Dean, and P. Hunt,
Cindee move into icebreaker
Simple icebreaker -  Also, share general information like:
  • Activity before introduction: Card responding to the following question: What 2-3 outcomes do you desire out of computing undergraduate education?  (See Activity after (Lunch)
  • Ask all people to introduce themselves (name, title, affiliation, role in project).
  • Only AB members read one of  their the items from card.
  • Tom Introduce Dean
    • Welcome from College of Engineering
    • Importance of CPACE from the College's perspective.  Interaction between workforce and college's curriculum.  Desire for relevance of curriculum.
  • Tom introduce Paul Hunt
    • Computational community of Mid-Michigan welcome
    • MSU role in WIRED
    • CPACE as a lynchpin of this alliance.
Overview of CPACE Project Mark 15 min Use PowerPoint. Ask board members to hold questions until next section.
Distinction between employers wanting applications vs. underlying principles and fundamentals. Give examples.
Role of Advisory Board
Mark & Jon 15 min
  • Clarify role - (remind intent of role and allow time to field questions re: project intent and AB member role)
  • Communication - (discuss preferences for type and frequency of communication between quarterly meetings) Show them the CPACE Website.  It's actually a Wiki which allows .
Research/Data Collection and Engagement Strategies Data Collection -Mark, Cindee
Kysha - Engagement
Cindee - scribe
60 min
  • Overview Research Data Collection Strategy (Mark and Cindee)- (Review intent of the research (Marks conversation with J P regarding nature of the research focusing on how the technology  changes the fundamental nature of the eng. work), timing of it, share draft protocol & describe feedback sought from board and timing, etc.)* Need to move beyond particular applications. 
  • Not getting feedback on the data collection protocols in the meeting, Ask board members to provide feedback on protocol via e-mail and/or make edits on wiki within 2 weeks from date 1st meeting. 
  • Overview of the Overall Engagement Strategy (Kysha)- (Review intent of the engagement strategy and audiences being targeted (i.e., advisory board, professional associations/societies, and employers)* More time on this part than on instruments. * People in different disciplines have different languages.  Who should we talk to? HR vs Egr? * Some "style' in which they like to be talked to?
  •  Discussion (Kysha): (engage board members in discussion on how they view their role in engaging others to participate in primary research and to disseminate information to)
  • Questions:
  • Does the engagement strategy make sense?
  • Are there other ways to optimize the role of the board in these engagement efforts?
  • What do you feel is the value proposition for employers to want to participate in this process?
  • What else should be considered?

Lunch   60 min
  • During lunch, have them eat in informal groups based on discussion topics for engagement strategy, protocols, general questions about project. Make sure MSU/LCC/CSW folks are evenly apread amongst the tables.
  • Activity after (Lunch): Look at your comments (before) reflecting on the CPACE project what challenges do you think the project will face in addressing your desired outcomes. write on the back of your card.
  • Two minutes reports after lunch from each table - check -in w/tables after 30 minutes as folks will likely begin leaving at this point and not stay for full 60 minutes.
  • Collect the cards before they leave
Closing and Next Steps Tom 5 min
  •  Next meeting (around mid-august mid-september)
  • Remind action items. Feedback and Beta testing on the instruments and connections to the engagement strategy.
  • Other


  • Tours of EGR building?  EGR 100?  K-12 students in Union*?* 
  • Jon work with Jamie on name tags, lunches, thumb drives for guests.
  • Mark Jenness & Pete Vunovich will be attending.  Happy to review materials.

Materials for the Meeting:

  • Timeline of Key Milestones ( i.e., ad board meeting schedule, primary research and association/employer engagement implementation, primary research results dissemination) (CSW-Cindee will pull together) Mark will include in the pPoint presentation. Not a separate handout.
  • Draft Primary Research Protocols (Subgroup - mark, cindee, lisa, kysha, claudia; CSW- Cindee will create draft for meeting and PPT slide)
  • Draft Engagement Strategy (CSW - Kysha will provide handout for packet; will also include PPT slides. Need large flipchart / postits / markers) 
  • Staff and Advisory board brief bios, contact info (Will place info on wiki and direct folks there rather than have handout)
  • Copy of PowerPoint (mark/claudia/jon -building off existing power point ; keep contained to 10-15 slides; CSW- will add 2-3 slides for engagement (Kysha) and protocol piece (Cindee))
  • Packet of info about MSU & LCC (sent to Jon) & CSW (Claudia has it and will sent it to Jamie). Jamie is Tom's assistant and she will be assembling the final packet for the AB. MSU mug with jelly beans. Parking passes. Parking instructions. post it sticky and easel and markers.
  • Visuals around the room (poster)
  • Note pads from MSU and pens from LCC
  • Anything else?

Summary meeting March 12, 2008

  • The intend regarding the primary research strategy was to present the process to the AB so that they provide us feed back about it.
  • We want to spend more time in the engagement piece: To engage them in conversation and get their ideas about  their role as AB members.
  • Get their input as to how can they help to facilitate our research and their backing of the research (once we gather our results helping us to communicate and disseminate the information)
  • If we get the mix of folks that we are hoping to get they can help us to think about different approaches and give us input about how we might engage different associations /societies or employers to help our research efforts.
  • We need to take the time to set the stage about the intent of the project and explain what we are seeking from them.
  • In terms of the intend of the research is very important to clarify that we are not talking about the specific applications that employers want the students to learn, but what are the fundamentals involved.
  • People in different disciplines have different ways to talk, two important questions are: Who and How?