Advisory Board Summer 2009 Meeting Agenda

Version: 20-May-09

CPACE AB Meeting Annotated Agenda: Skeletal Draft

Date: TBD

Need to contact AB members for possible dates to see what works:

June 23 (Abdol not here; we think Neeraj can make this)

July 14 or 16.

Time: 10-12 Meeting ; 12-1  Lunch                       Location:                       Who: CPACE project team, AB members

Welcome: (10 min)

-         Opening Comments

-         Icebreaker?

-         Introductions

Industry Report:-        

Report Highlights  and activity set up  (10 min)- key findings and implications and dissemination approach (share the Basic Dissemination Opportunities list CSW has started of the groups we will hopefully have already reached to by time of meeting; also, share the 1-pager we will have created that they could use as talking points when talking with others)-        


o       Purpose: to engage AB members in understanding and motivating them to share report with others.

o       Discussion: (small group activity then report out is ideal; can use flip charts to scribe responses or we can create a worksheet tool folks could work and speak from.  Try to get one scribe AND one project team member at each table.)

§        Report Specific Dialogue Questions: (15 min)

-         Related to your current engineering practices, how does the data reflect your commonly held notions and beliefs? Is there anything that surprised you?

-         Given what you have heard and read, what are you doing currently that is aligning with these recommendations? What do you envision doing differently related to your current/future engineering practices?

-         Are there any other implications that the findings of our research speaks to?

Alternate ideas for going forward?

New Economic environment implications?

§        Dissemination Specific Dialogue Questions: (15 min)

-         What other groups/organizations do you think would be interested in receiving the report?

-         What events are you involved in that might help propel this work now and in the future?

-         What role can you play and what resources do you have available to help support these dissemination efforts?

Note cards for them to write down their ideas on contacts, events, groups to contact, etc. that they know or can make.

Reporting on both activities:  15 min

NSF Proposal Highlights: (20 min)

-         Overview of the proposal and likely timeframe

-         Relevance to their ongoing role - opportunity to gauge interest

-         Curricular-related Activity: 

o       Purpose: Engage AB members in providing authentic/exemplar problems for 102 and LCC Matlab

o       Discussion to provide project-based learning ideas - {need to frame the activity - whole group? Small group?  Brainstorm or more structured activity -- more structured activity is ideal, but depends on how much time we have for this)

Need possible problem as an example to show what we can do at the 1xx level.  Daina may have Ph problem. Shows the problem from the engineering perspective and how this is then used for curricula. 

Abdol may have problem that exemplifies computational thinking.  - check with Abdol; he's out of country 2-jul

Daina will ask Neeraj for Civil

SAMPI Evaluation:- (30 min)        Overview of the evaluation work

-         Considerations and/or implications of evaluation to date

Close: Next Steps:  Time table for first AB meeting once we know about the new proposal. Proposed a January start date for grant.