Request to Review Employer Interview and Employee Survey

This is the e-mail that Cindee send to the AdBoard members on April 25, 2008
Subject: Feedback on CPACE  employer interview protocol and employee survey.
*The instruments were sent as an attachment. *From: Cindee Dresen
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 4:51 PM
Subject: Feedback on CPACE Employer Interview Protocol and Employee
Importance: High

Hello CPACE Advisory Board Members,
As promised on behalf of the CPACE team, attached you will find the
electronic draft versions of the CPACE Employer Interview Protocol and
Employee Survey. For your ease of reference, attached is also the
handout entitled CPACE Data Collection Strategy Overview that was
included in your packet and discussed during the kick-off meeting. You
may find it helpful to glance over this document before beginning your
review of the data collection tools.
Please take a few moments to review both data collection tools. Should
you find that you would like to make edits to the data collection tools,
ideally it would be helpful if you turned the Track Changes function on
(found under the Tools menu in Word) as it will help us keep track of
the edits and comments made. If you are not comfortable using the Track
Changes feature, you may provide a summary of your feedback via e-mail.
We are seeking input on the following related to refining the data
collection tools:

  • What questions should be added to the tools that seem to bemissing, if any?
  • What questions should be rephrased on the tools, if any?
  • Does the sequence of the questions make sense? If not, whatadjustments to the sequence do you recommend?
  • Should anything be refined or added to the Interviewerdirections/script found on the Employer Interview Protocol?
  • If you think the questions found on the data collection tools arefine as is, please confirm that as well.
  • Anything else to consider?
    Any feedback that you can provide about either instrument by Monday, May
    5, is greatly appreciated and needed.
    Please let the CPACE team know if we can offer any further clarification
    on this data collection tool revision process or anything else that we
    were not able to address at the kick-off meeting.
    Thank you so very much for agreeing to invest some of your very valuable
    time to help move the CPACE project forward. We truly look forward to
    collaborating with you further throughout the life of this project.
    Best Regards,
    The CPACE Team