Advisory Board Meeting 4-24-08. Flip Chart Summary

CPACE Advisory Board Kick-Off Meeting:  Flip Chart Summary     

Top Outcomes Desired from Undergraduate Computing Education

Seek students who are able to:
  • Organize information and infrastructure
  • Adapt and produce; able to keep up with new technology and adapt to change
  • See the potential of what a computer can do - get it and have to be able to see it
  • Understand and apply critical thinking regarding which tools to use and apply and when to apply them - capable and savvy
  • Use databases, web sites, and interfaces in order to produce
  • Have a good working knowledge of what software can do
  • Understand how computing tools are used to help shorten development and improve quality
  • Use tools like the internet and databases to improve communication
  • Think about problems in innovative ways and apply computational thinking
  • Improve predictability - time and development---improve time to get product to the market
  • Solve problems to properly evaluate data/information that comes form computers - need to teach students to go to the next step, that is think intuitively
  • Take knowledge and apply to real world problems - understand when and how to apply that knowledge
  • Alignment and advocacy within K-12 and universities, particularly within the research corridor

Advisory Board Member Project Engagement

AB Members View of Their Role:
  • Help disseminate survey results back to survey and interview participants
  • MDOT can take the lead in connecting us to the American Council of Engineering Companies (many firms are members)
  • Able to make formal introductions and then pass on the contact to us (not interesting doing cold calls)
  • Helping us connect to and leverage off of existing events (e.g., MSU recruiting-related events; placement and advisory group meetings/events one is occurring May 19-21---a lot of companies will be there)
Other Ways to Optimize their Role:
  • Consider creating protocol that others outside of CPACE research team can use to gather data for us related to the questions framed in the employer interview and employee survey questions
  • Connect us to  HR Management Association. of Mid-Michigan (HRMAMM) - Mid Michigan local Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapter
  • Help us create a press strategy to help us broaden our reach to employers/employees to participate in interview/surveys - if communicate in a public domain like Crain it may help
  • Share existing data that companies have already been collecting around the questions we seek answers to
  • Make AB members accountable with helping to push the data collection and engagement strategies
  • Create a set of speaking points the AB members can use when recruiting/engaging organizations to participate in our data collection process
  • Help create a feeder system for engineering curriculum
Other Considerations:
  • Pre-testing of data collection tools are important
  • Look at how MiWorks! Agencies may be able to help facilitate connections to employers; (leveraging other Michigan initiatives such as Regional Skills Alliances (RSAs), No Worker Left Behind (NWLB), Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED), etc)
  • Look to see how Mid Michigan media can help publish search engine
  • We need to consider competitiveness against other geographies and what would be needed to remain competitive within context of this effort
  • Be a feeder system for engineering curriculum
Value Proposition:
  • Interest on part of the university/community college to listen
  • Better directed training/education
  • Sharing out - information sharing/knowledge brokering - being a contributor/recipient of this valuable information
  • Having a stake in Michigan's new economy
Communication Between Meetings - Other ideas:
  • Have Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds