Advisory Board Meeting Summer 2009 To Do List

Last Revised 20-May-09

 Item  Who  Tasks Status
Communicate meeting date and time to AB members
Mark will send email to AB about possible dates
Discuss and revise draft invitation and everyone approve. Meeting date July 30 from 10 to 1 AB availability List
Communicate with Joe Turner and make his travel arrangements

Hotel and transportation
His schedule is flexible can come before or stay after to meet with team members.
 Joe is arriving Wed and departing Frieday. He has made his travel arrangements. Jamie reserved Kellogg for him.
We will meet with him Thursday after the AB meeting:  Abdol, Jon, Louise, Claudia, Mark, Neeraj.  Daina cannot come.  
All who are available have dinner with Joe Thursday PM.
Who wants to do Bfast on Thursday and Friday?
Jon is arranging ABET related activities on Friday AM.

 Joe Turner discussion on Thursday
  Plan agenda for conversation outline.
Send him:
New NSF proposal
FIE paper
Outline of issues we want to discuss.
Jamie is sending him the regular AB packet so he will have industry report.
July 15: still need to flesh out agenda/outline of discussion
WIKI set-up Mark
Update access to report
List-serve status
  Verify that everyone's on it.
Prep PowerPoint   Very brief summary of the report that highlights the points that we need to discuss. 

Example problems to demonstrate what we would want.
HAve CSW slides for the discussion
Need slides for NSF proposal add funding figures (Mark U-L) and evaluation (Mark J if he wants any; Claudia check).
Meeting Logistics:

  •  Name tags

  •  Parking passes with directions for non-MSU folks

Jamie will have someone to pass them out when people arrive at parking ramp.
  •  Coffee, water tea

  •  Lunch

Need to verify that lunch is being ordered; check with Jamie.
  •  Paper (from MSU) and pens (From LCC)
Jamie and  Louise has the pens
  Confirm with Louise
  •  Posters with information about CPACE
Claudia Updating poster to include final data results In progress. I will send around next week for input
-         Big sticky notes for tables and markers
Jamie has them.
  •  Room set up the night before
Claudia and Mark and anyone who can help
Jon likely out of town night before and maybe for meeting.
Same setup as before for up to 4 discussion groups????
  •  Recorders
  •  Still pictures
Lynda White

Jon emailed with Lynda and has scheduled a photographer from UR for one hour during the discussion for "action shots"
  •  Breakfast with AB members
Anyone else??
Only Joe, on both Thursday and Friday. 

july 15: Claudia still chasing some addresses for people who will not be here. Done
  •  Emergency telephone number
Can use Jamie's numbers:
Office:  517-355-5128
Cell:    517-388-8833 
Meeting Packet for AB members (to be distributed before meeting)
Claudia/Mark to check with Jamie
Arrive week of July 13.

Send info to Jamie
  • Parking passes instructions; they pick them up when get to ramp
  • Directions for non-MSU folks
  • Emergency telephone number
  • Agenda
  • Industry Report/Exec Summary
  • Evaluation Summary from SAMPI - if available
  • Project 1 pager/talking points - project summary page that we sent to the dissemination list.
Jamie has all the materials that will be sent via mail:
  • Agenda
  • Industry report and exc. summary (Jamie is printing it)
  • Project Summary (dissemination).
  • Nothing from SAMPI at this time.
Meeting Packet for AB members to have at the meeting
Jamie/ Claudia/Mark
  • Agenda
  • Power point
  • Evaluation Summary from SAMPI
  • Industry Report/Exec Summary ?
  • NSF Proposal excerpt.  Use the NSF 1 page summary.
  • Project 1 pager/talking points
July 15: Still need PowerPoint. SAMPI will add two slides.
Print industry report, summary, project summary (dissemination) just for the people who are attending when we have final list.  Claudia will get final numbers to Jamie.

Claudia will get 1 page NSF proposal summary to Jamie