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CAR: Engineering in the Auto Industry. 

Hiring the New Autoworker of 2010: Engineers and Technicians
Report by the Center for Automotive Research CAR. This report was partially funded by the Mid Michigan WIRED initiative.
Lisa's summary:
The CAR research team interviewed five major motor vehicle manufacturers (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda) on the subject of future engineers and technicians at their companies in the United States and Michigan. The interview respondents were all senior level human resource (HR) executives responsible for the hiring and training of vehicle and manufacturing engineers at their companies. Future hiring of engineers is a critical necessity at each firm. The respondents were asked to discuss specific engineering needs by types, in the future, and the sources that will be used to find this labor. The companies were also asked to describe their hiring criteria and processes, currently and
in the future. The respondents were also interviewed on the subject of what will constitute "core" and "non-core" fields of engineering at their firms in the future, and on technical and market changes that will affect their use of and types of engineering. Finally, the respondents were asked to describe engineering training at their firms and as well as their recommendations to educators on appropriate and necessary curricula for future automotive engineers.

CPACE Employer Recuritment Brochure 11-jun-08

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