List of AB members confirmed for CPACE II

NEW Advisory Board Member Member Status Discipline Represented AB Meeting Attending Comments
Mark VanPortFleet (MDOT) Confirmed NO Civil NA Cindee following up with John Polasek week of 3/22  to confirm Mark's interest. Week 3/29 followed up with John again. Sent followu- to John again week of 4/5; Followed up directly with Mark V 4/12, waiting for response.
Due to numerous commitments on other boards (some already with MSU) and associations and much deliberation, Mark regretably will not be able to particiapte on the AB. He does want to be connected in some way and provide assistance where he can and is considering joing the CPACE Engineering Talent Development Network as a way of doing that. (5/17)
Followed up with Mark to test interest of his other collegagues joining the board. (6/15)
Brandon Perkins (EATON) Confirmed
Mechanical YES Cindee sent AB materials and provided link to CPACE site and industry report.
Alan Needler (ADM) 
  Chemical ? NA Contact person Daina; Daina sent e-mail to Alan on 3/18 indicating that we are not able to support travel and explained format of meetings not being able to support teleconferencing -- she left it up to him to decide if he wants to join given these constraints.   Not clear if Daina recevied a response after this communication from him confirming his interest.
 Daina agreed to follow-up one more time to test interest in joining the board (6/15)
GRAPCEP Engineering mentoring organizaiton (works w/Fishbeck alot) Confirmed Yes Mix of Engineering - emphasis chemical and bimedicine NO - recovering from heart surgery Kysha knows one of the specialist there.  They will be a good connect when especially when it comes to minority outreach.\\
 Program part of Davenport College; Grand Rapids Area Pre-College Engineering Program (GRAPCEP) Mission - To help meet the need for well-trained professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for growing businesses of Michigan and to include qualified students of historically under-represented populations in these career fields.
Member of University STEM Consortium - MSU also member.
Executive Director, Sandra Burmeister,  616-732-1188;
Consumer Energy   Civ Status ?? Any chance we can get someone to attend 11/11 meeting Neeraj is following withhis contact to test interest in memebrship. THinks we have agood chance at getting someone. (6/15)
September -- Neeraj to follow-up on contact
Fishbeck Confirmed No Civ   Neeraj confirmed that the CEO is too busy to commit to memebrship at this time, though they could be a member of the ETDN and source for authentic problem (6/15)
EXISTING Advisory Board Member
Member Status Discipline Represented AB Meeting Attending Comments
Thomas Crampton (Mott Comm. College)
Confirmed Yes NA YES Provides access to other employers
James Cross (Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation) Confirmed Yes  CHE No - has a meeting conflict, does not have a representative  Followed up three times; waiting for response from third outreach that occurred week of 3/22.

Jim confirmed interest though indicated that he is time constrained and was not able to attend previous meetings except one.
M. A Dolehanty (MDEQ) Confirmed yes
CIV NO - has a meeting conflict, does not have a representative  
D. Hollister
Prima-Civitas Foundation
Confirmed yes NA YES Provides access to other employers
Followed up with Hollister to reconfirm his membership and to test interest of next PCF chair joining the board. (6/15)
Dave reconfirmed on 6/15 that he is committed to being on the AB through 2011 and will also remain our PCF connection. He will be reducing his role in PCF in March 2011, but not leaving PCF.
C. Knapp(Capital Area IT Council)
Confirmed yes CSE/CPE YES Provides access to employers
T. Mathes (TARDEC)
Confirmed CHE NO   - has a conflict looking for representative; asked if possible to join through teleconference We will set the teleconference for him to join the meeting. The cautionary note here is that this is not the preferred way to attend the AB meetings. (10-19)
Mike McDonald
(CPI Engineering)
CHE YES CPI Engineering Services, Inc. is the major supplier of synthetic lubricants to the compressor OEM market.
New E-mail:
J. Millhench (Bordener)
Confirmed yes CHE YES - but need to determine if AB membership still makes sense given he changed companies though he is  on Bordener's board  
Chris Surbrook(Bordener) Confirmed yes CHE YES He often attends with or in place of James Millhench from Bordener
G. Motschenbacher (MSU) What is the status? NA Have not heard Provides access to other employers
Jon will contact him. 

Jon agreed to followup with Garth again (6/15). Still waiting to see where this conversation goes (10-19)

J. Polaseck (MDOT)
CIV YES His name is Mark VanPortFleet and he is the Director of the Bureau of Highway
Development for MDOT. He was involved in some of the initial interviewing for the employer survey and oversees statewide road and bridge design. I have discussed his nomination with him and he would be happy to serve if chosen.  His contact information is: email and office 517-241-3998.
3/17/10 - We need to official confirm Mark's membership
G. Woodrough (Symetry Medical)
ASE, BSE NO - has a conflict Please note my email address has changed to